Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Electric Power is the most essential requirement of modern life. In order to meet the increasing demand for electric power emphasis is in harnessing Electrical Energy from conventional and non conventional sources at a low cost. Electronics Engineering has revolutionized every sphere of life right from house hold appliances to space exploration. Electronics has helped in cost reduction and safety of the equipment. The need of the above two has led to the establishment of this stream in the Institute.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department combines industry oriented practical requirements with academic excellence. The experienced faculty, some with doctorate degrees and rich theoretical & practical knowledge in specialized areas like Electrical Power System; Electrical Machines, Microprocessors, Power Electronics and Digital Signal Processing are the core strength of the department. The department has a rich tradition of excellent teaching widely recognized in this region and elsewhere.

The laboratory facilities and the infrastructure are regularly upgraded and are well supported by the institute. The department endeavors to modernize and equip all the laboratories with latest equipments and facilities continuously.

The department envisions coping with the fast changing pragmatic needs of the technology throughout the globe by adopting suitable new courses and modernizing the laboratories.

Key Highlights:

All the laboratories are well equipped with various trainers, recorders and other calibrating and testing equipments along with large motor- generator set, DC motors, DC generator (series, shunt, compound), alternator synchronous motor etc. The computer simulation laboratory in the department serves as a central facility with following features:

•  Several state of art PCs
•  LAN-for all the computers
•  Laser Printers
•  MATLAB 10.0 version
•  PSPICE simulation software (ORCAD LITE 9.2)

To strengthen the placement prospects of the students the department regularly conducts value addition courses such as:

•  Embedded system (The 8051 microcontroller)
•  Robotics
•  VLSI (System Design)
•  Energy Management
•  Projects in Electrical Engineering
•  Workshop on Simulation software (MAT Lab., PSPICE)

Laboratories Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The department has the following laboratories to help the upcoming engineers to develop a practical understanding of theoretical knowledge.

•  Basic Electrical Engineering Lab.
•  Electrical Machines Lab.
•  Electrical Measurements Lab.
•  Network Lab.
•  Computer Simulation Lab.
•  Control System Lab.
•  Power System Lab.
•  Power Electronics Lab
•  Electrical Instrumentation Lab