About The MCA Program

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a master's degree, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The core courses of this program are designed to introduce students to the various areas of computer science and engineering such as computer programming, software engineering, computer networking, database management system, computer graphics and system analysis. The MCA designation originated in India, emerging from the 20th century as the country began its journey towards becoming an IT superpower and companies sought out information technology to business management.

 MCA programs normally take place over three academic years (i.e. approximately 36 months of term time with six semesters). Students take classes during weekdays like other university students and sit for semester examination twice a year.

A candidate with an MCA degree can take various career paths in the information technology industry as well as ITES sector. In the corporate sector they can start their career as a Programmer, Software Engineer, System Analyst, DBMS Administrator, Systems Manager, Network Professional, Project Engineer etc. while in the public sector they can work as IT officers in banks, defense services (including armed forces), intelligence agencies, computer forensics etc. In academics MCA's can work as Lecturer, Professors and Researchers in computer science. After MCA a candidate can apply for higher studies through GATE/UGC NET examinations to obtain M.Tech or doctoral degrees in computer science.

Key Highlights:

To strengthen the placement prospects of the students the department regularly conducts value addition courses such as:

•  C, C++
•  Networking (CCNA, MCSE)
•  CRM

The department has the following laboratories to help the students towards their practical understanding of theoretical learning's:

•  Database Management System (DBMS)
•  Programming Lab
•  Data Structure Lab
•  Dot Net Lab
•  Java Programming Lab
•  Communication Lab