The institute has commissioned over 50 laboratories with modern equipments to not only meet the requirements of GBTU curriculum but also to allow additional experiments to be conducted by the students to have value addition. Institute has a big workshop with an area 908 sq.mts. Presently it has CNC machines, Numeric controlled machines, TIG, MIG, Welding shop, Sheet metal shop and precision lathes so the students can use the workshop for the development of prototype models and work for design and development of new equipments.

The institute has several Alternators, 3-phase and single phase induction motors in its various labs. The Institute has developed calibration, testing and manufacturing facility to a level that the neighboring industries may utilize these facilities for their products. It has services of highly experienced staff from the industries and reputed teaching institutions.

A majour strngth of LDC Institute are its laboratories .In order to make the student aware of & practice latest technoogy ,the institute has the following laboratories .They help the upcoming engineers and mangers to develop a practical understanding of the theorethical knowledge.

Laboratories of Computer Science & Engineering Department

•  Database Management System (DBMS)
•  Computer Organization and
•  Architecture Lab
•  Programming Lab
•  Computer Graphics and Animation Lab
•  Digital Image Processing Lab
•  Computer Network Lab
•  OOPS Lab
•  Numerical Techniques Lab
•  Web Technology Lab
•  Algorithm and Data Structure Lab
•  UNIX Lab

Laboratories of Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

•  Simulation, CAD & VLSI Lab
•  Microwave Lab
•  Analog & Digital Communication Lab
•  Digital Signal Processing Lab
•  Digital Electronics Lab
•  Analog Integrated Circuit Lab
•  Advance Control Lab
•  Microprocessor Lab
•  PCB Lab
•  Fiber Optic Lab
•  Electronic Measurement Lab
•  Electronics Lab

Laboratories Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

•  Basic Electrical Engineering Lab.
•  Electrical Machines Lab.
•  Electrical Measurements Lab.
•  Network Lab.
•  Computer Simulation Lab.
•  Control System Lab.
•  Power System Lab.
•  Power Electronics Lab
•  Electrical Instrumentation Lab

Laboratories Mechanical Engineering Department

•  Engineering Mechanics Lab
•  Survey Lab
•  Workshop Practice
•  CAEG Lab
•  Material Science and Testing Lab
•  Fluid Mechanics Lab
•  Thermodynamics Lab
•  Machine Drawing Lab - 1 & 2
•  Manufacturing Science Lab - 1 & 2
•  Machine Design Lab 1 & 2
•  Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
•  Measurement and Metrology Lab
•  RAC Lab
•  Fluid Machinery Lab
•  Theory of Machine Lab
•  Automobile Lab
•  CAD / CAM Lab
•  Project Lab

Laboratories Civil Engineering Department

•  Basic material testing lab
•  Surveying Practice -I & II
•  Applied Engineering Lab
•  Hydraaulic Lab
•  Computer Aided Design Lab