Corporate Advisory Board

For any professional institution the interaction with academic and corporate world is of great importance. We, at LDCITS, believe that education and industry must have a reciprocal relationship in order to gain the most from each other. Therefore LDCITS has constituted a Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) with members from corporate world. We together with corporate gurus ensure that students have constant access and exposure to various aspects of the corporate world, facilitating theoretical knowledge into practical application.

 Corporate Advisory Board (Members)

•  DR. A.L.Kundu, Director, LDCITS, Allahabad 
•  Dr. Kailash Gupta, Ph.D, Managing Direactor, Commercial Automobiles Ltd., Jabalpur
•  Mr. Unmesh Agarwalla, Director,, San Jose, Calfornia(USA)

 Key Objective of Corporate Advisory Board is:

•  Reflect and work on sharpening the curriculum and teaching methodology according to the corporate need and requirements.
•  Participate in our Employability Training Programs, a process to sharpen the skill set available with us.
•  Conducting faculty development projects with well designed timelines.
•  Support in conducting various national and international seminars/conferences/workshops by providing us their guidance/suggestions or participating jointly with us.
•  Advising us on new professional value added courses and programs as per the growing needs of the industry.
•  Allocating resources to develop research capabilities and introducing new practices and strategies
•  Developing entrepreneurial abilities, by providing projects that engage students in 'design to delivery solution' to improve the quality.
•  Setting up 'labs' within institute to get some serious research and innovation happening
•  Advising and helping us on better placements and internships of LDCITS talent pool

"The Test of a first rate Intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at same time, and still retain the ability to function"

- F.Scott Fitzgerald