Message from Training & Placements Desk


We at   LDC Institute of Technical Studies  a fast growing institution across the region, extend a hearty invitation to all our recruiting partners.

The relationship between educational institutions and industry is highly synergetic. Since the primary objective of students in pursuing higher education is to get a good job on completion of their studies, the institutions need the support of industry to help the eligible students in their final placements. On the other hand, industry looks to the educational institutions for their requirement of qualified and trained manpower. Thus, it is in the interest of both Industry & Institutions to develop a strong cooperation, which can be a win-win situation for both and will benefiting the students.

This has been the guiding principle for us at LDC Institute of Technical Studies . Apart from excelling in academics, we want our students to be corporate ready professionals. Hence we conduct extensive Employability Enhancement Program designed to develop professional skills and provide value added training and certifications in their domain areas. They are also exposed to practical aspects of industry through guest lectures, industrial visits, internships etc.

While we highly appreciate the confidence reposed in us and the invaluable support extended by our recruiters over the years, we are eager to know the experience and expectations in terms of required skill sets. We would be happy to partner with our recruiters in upgrading the skills of our students as per specific industry needs, so that they can be productive from first day and be the preferred choice for hiring.

We are committed to ensure the best recruiting experience and assure you of our best efforts. Happy hiring!


Warm regards,

  Mrs. Archana Tandan
Head - Training Placements & Corporate Relation
LDC-Institute of Technical Studies, Allahabad
Mobile: +91- 9956260641
Landline: +91-5335-282051