An Overview

Job ready' or 'Industry ready: Employable Products'

The employment market is becoming increasingly competitive for new graduates and post graduates as greater numbers of students undertake higher education courses. Employers are looking for students who have more to offer than simply a good degree. In the many years of industry institute interface, educational institutions have focused on a single measure of success - campus placements, while students have focused on a single measure of success - the pay they receive in their first job, and industry has also focused on a single measure of success - their ranking on campus.

In LDCITS our institution believe in producing professional engineers and management graduate, who will adhere to globally accepted professional standards and will have the fundamentals that will make them a professional for life and not prepare him for just one industry or one organization or worse still only the first job. In view of the above, LDC Institute of Technical Studies intends to do its job - create and spread knowledge by stop becoming an employment exchange or a powerless link in the talent supply chain.

The Department of Training & Placement, LDCITS is committed to bridge this academic industry gap and seek the corporate sector cooperation in producing better engineers and managers to meet today and tomorrows' needs. It is working hard in order to establish linkage between the industry and the institute and provide students all inputs which may help them to develop their overall personality.

At LDCITS, We provide the corporate battle-ready professionals ready to take on the challenges in the real world, with confidence.

To build up awareness in the students, we encourage interaction with the corporate on a regular basis to identify their requirements in terms of skill sets. Personality Development Program (PDP) with aims at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the student and to develop their soft skills, English speaking, general aptitude etc It has also taken the initiative to enhance the technical knowledge of the students with support from various external technical agencies.

These agencies provide hardcore technical knowledge in their relevant field which is of great help at the time of campus placements.

This formulated policy is to make sure that students pursuing Professional course end up with highly competent skills and employable young talent to produce high quality results in the cut throat competition.

All students of LDCITS are trained on the above mentioned skills under mandatory employability training program as a part of their Training & Placement course curriculum.


The mission of the Training & Placement Department is to help students clarify their educational and career goals as well as acquire employment-seeking skills and ultimately attain desired employment.


To sustain excellence in Training, Placement and Career Orientation and assist students in identifying, developing, evaluating and achieving their career goals.