About Employability Training Program

Success is falling 9 times and getting up 10"
Now days, employers are looking for the talent pool that have more to offer rather than just a simple degree. In order to maintain quality delivery to our existing and new relationships with renowned companies, it is very important that we understand and appropriately match their needs with the quality of talent at LDCITS.

An employability program, therefore, is conducted to cater to the needs of the students as well as the companies. Through this employability program, we help enhancing the potential of the students; channelize it in the right direction, thereby, making them employable.

 The salient features of this program include:

  1. Corporate Etiquettes
  2. Behavioral Skills
    •  Team Spirit
    •  Leadership
    •  Time management
    •  Decision making
    •  Stress management
  1. Public Speaking
  2. Dressing & Body Language
    •  Competency based interviews
    •  Guest lectures by corporate gurus on industry type and domain specific knowledge

All students of final year are trained on above mentioned skills under mandatory employability training programs as a part of their T&P Course curriculum.