Ragging Control Cell -2019-20

The Ragging Control Cell for the academic session 2019-20 will consist of following members

  1. Dr.Rajeshwar Shukla                                   Chairman         9936659166
  2. Mr.Pradeep Mishra                                        Member          9793121543
  3. Mr.Maneesh Pandey                                      Member          7355520865
  4. Mr. H.S.Bhadauria                                         Member          7376793934
  5. Mr.H.S.Singh                                                Member          8896014923
  6. Ms.HemlataPushkar                                       Member          8127676256
  7. Ms. Namita Srivastava                                   Member          7753820423

The ragging control cell is taking care of all measures to ensure ragging free campus in the institute as per the guidelines issued by the Govt. of UP/AICTE/AKTU and take suitable action against those found guilty. They are maintaining highest levels of institutional discipline.

Dr. M.K Manik